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Welcome to World Star Wednesdays!!!

In this weeks edition we have to take a look at the new dance craze (okay maybe not dance craze) called the Big Sexy Slide. This video lowkey made me want to do it at the next function (be on the lookout for the video Thursday or Friday). For the ladies though Is this actually sexy? Would you actually let that man hit after seeing his moves? Let us know.

Sway x Complex - Talks about new show as well as now infamous Kanye Interview (Interview)

So sway sits down in the MTV studios with one of the guys from Guy Code ( I honestly only know Duval, Charlemagne, & the beautiful ladies). Since I’m also NOT a fan of baseball (its boring sue me… not really though) eventually he talks about the Kanye Interview and how things of that nature are common but usually not on the Internet.

Shout out Complex for the Connect 

Nike x LeBron XI x The KD VI - “What The” Colorway Announcement

The crazy popular (and to Sneaker Heads dismay limited release) “What The” line of Nike sneakers are launching soon and from the images above its going to be a good one. While the LeBron XI’s take design elements from his previous 10 sneakers to come up with this unique design. The KD VI’s take over 35 aesthetic elements from Durant’s current sneaker to create a new design that sticks out while bringing all the comforts that you would enjoy form everyday wear.

The LeBron’s are expected to drop May 31st while the What The KD’s expected to ship on June 7th. Lets pray they don’t fall victim to the Basegod Curse that currently plaguing Kevin Durant. Which one do you expect to cop when they drop?

Chuck Inglish- Gametime Feat. Action Bronson (Stream)

Been waiting on this project for a while now. Since he started dropping his beat tapes (and brought back that whole side of the mixtape game if you ask me personally) I started looking forward to more solo project from him. His latest project Convertibles drops same time next week and with features like Bronson Sir Michael rocks you know its going to be something to ride out to and last well into the summer.

Action Bronson x South Africa

As we all know Bronson is a unique character. From body slamming fas to performing in old folks homes he has all the essential bases of becoming a headlining artist covered. While on tour with Eminem in South Africa he decided that he would have his team tag a huge wall thus forever leaving his mark on the country. How dope is that?